What Does Niebu Mean?

Niebu. It’s What’s For Dinner.

One day James woke up and tried to impress the world of Twitter with how early his grade-A Canadian badass self got up. “Morning!” he typed.

Except it came out “Neibu.” (Check your keyboard. Touch-typin’ James shifted left. Maybe shoulda had a V8 instead of a coffee?)

So Dave twittered back, ‘Niebu, to you too.” And the mockery begun, from Dave’s musical rendition of “Oh what a beautiful Niebu-u-u-u, oh waht a beautiful day …” to the constant Niebu-ing of all those who followed James on Twitter.

The Snowball Continues

Niebu grew to have new meanings as James’ friend mocked him with international flair. From brettlegree to WritingJourney, from IttyBiz to melissadonovan to vegaspenman and more, Niebu means everything from “Good morning,” to “Good Night,” “Aloha,” “Mahalo,” and “Holy crap, I need to subscribe to Rock Your Day right now!” (but only if you pronounce it while drinking heavily).

We thank you James, for your unintentional addition to the Twit-ictionary, and to all my faithful readers, Niebu.

Niebu like you mean it.