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Sep 14, 2009

This Is Your Chance. Don’t Settle For Not Taking It.

(This is a “Monday Morning Kick In The Ass” reprint from
my Stop Settling newsletter.  I’m posting it because I’ve
never received such a flood of “This is just what I needed”
emails as I have for this one, and I want to expand its reach.)

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This Monday’s Kick: This Is Your Chance

When we’re focused on a goal – especially a big honkin’
one, the finish line can seem awfully far away. And that
distance can drain your desire to take action, because
all you can see is how you’re Not There Yet.

Want to lose 50 pounds, and you still have 49 to go?
… you’re Not There Yet, and your spirits sag.

Want to make $100,000, and you’ve got $99,990 to go?
… you’re Not There Yet, and your motivation slumps.

Want to stop being lazy, and … you still are?
… you’re Not There Yet. And “There” seems forever away.

When you’re in this state of mind, taking action can
be damned hard, because all you’re thinking of is the
problem you don’t want to have and the solution that’s
not yet in your hands. And it drains you.

But you don’t have to settle for that. There’s another way.
Just focus on this very moment as your chance to strengthen
your action-taking muscles.

No, you won’t lose weight by eating well or exercising
today. You’ll achieve that when you eat well almost
every day. So tell yourself “This is my chance to strengthen
this habit again.”

“This is my chance” should be your mantra, and you should
repeat it to yourself every single time you feel your spirits

“This is my chance to strengthen this habit.”

“This is my chance to chip away at this fear.”

“This is my chance to build a relationship.”

Whatever you’re resisting (because the finish line is too
far away or too scary), stop resisting. You can’t turn the
tide in a day.

But you can take a few more strokes towards swimming
in the right direction. You can strengthen your action-taking
muscles, if only for the purpose of making it easier next time.

This is my chance.

This is MY chance.

Don’t settle for not taking it, again and again and again.

Changing your life? That’s hard. It’s a lot of work.

Changing what you do for the next 60 seconds? Hell,
you can do that.

This is my chance.

Take it. Now.

That is all,


11 Responses to “This Is Your Chance. Don’t Settle For Not Taking It.”

  • Sep 14, 2009 Deb Owen

    Picture, if you will, yourself ‘at the end’.

    If you’re 50 pounds lighter or $100,000 richer or whatever….what does the ‘you’ that is like that do? What does a person 50 pounds lighter think? What does a person who is $100,000 say?

    Then inject that in this moment, right now.
    Do, say, and think those things now.

    And yeah, Dave. You’re right on. We can handle those changes right in this moment (that add up over time).

    Thanks for the highly charged motivation today!
    All the best!
    Deb Owen´s last blog ..10 things i hate about you (aka ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’) My ComLuv Profile

  • Sep 14, 2009 Duff

    Normally I find your motivational advice too self-aggressive, but I really enjoyed this present-moment-focused advice. Indeed, every moment is a new chance to live fully, in whatever way that is.
    Duff´s last blog ..Fixing Cindy’s Computer: a Short Play about Personal Development, Act 1 My ComLuv Profile

  • Sep 14, 2009 Positively Present

    Wow, I feel positively inspired after reading this post! I really need to take this post to hard and seize the day. Every moment in life is a chance and we should be more aware of this and live every day to the fullest. Great, inspiring post!
    Positively Present´s last blog ..7 secrets for a happier you My ComLuv Profile

  • Sep 15, 2009 Chris

    This is an awesome way to look at it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look at where you need to be. Concentrating on the present is much easier. This is a great way to put it though.

  • Sep 15, 2009 Bernadine

    I was sent this post by a very positive Mentor/Friend. It took almost two days for me to open this mail.` This is very very inspirational and inspiring and all I can say at this moment is…”THIS IS MY CHANCE” am going to make it happen.

  • Sep 16, 2009 jonathanfigaro

    We need to cease the opportunities we are given. Take that chance right now to see your self as a success. Work hard now, not tomorrow or next week. The present moment is all we have.
    jonathanfigaro´s last blog ..Posiitve Thinking Is Destroying Your Life My ComLuv Profile

  • Sep 26, 2009 Peter Shallard - Business Success

    This is an amazingly inspirational post.
    I think most people could make this one learning today and go to sleep satisfied with a day well spent.
    Thnx Dave!
    Peter Shallard – Business Success´s last blog ..Want more big clients? 5 tips for business networking My ComLuv Profile

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