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As a personal coach, I want to see you take total control of your life, breaking past the limits that are holding you back from getting what you really want.  I want every day to be an unbelievably fulfilling 24 hours for you – but that kind of life doesn’t happen by accident.  You have to fight for it, and you have to know how to undo the bad habits that are sabotaging you.  To help you get started, I’m giving the first chapter of my life-changing book to everyone who subscribes to this blog.  Subscribe right now for email or RSS updates and join the over 1,500 people who have read it for themselves!

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Tired of all the “productivity” blogs out there that focus on silly hacks which either don’t apply to you or tie you down to some crazy system that only makes your life more complicated in the long run?  (“Getting Things Done,” I’m talking to you.)  Life isn’t supposed to be hacked, it’s supposed to be lived and enjoyed, and chances are the pace of life has been preventing you from living and enjoying your life the way you want to.  You won’t find blind robot productivity articles here or the fluff you’ll find on your typical time management blog.  Here you’ll only find stuff that makes you think, gives you those “A-ha!” moments and can actually start changing your life, right away.

#3 – This Blog Has a Strict “No Bullshit” Policy

On the internet, it’s easy to act like a “guru” and create the air of perfection, like you’ve got it all together and everyone should worship you.  I’ve unsubscribed from too many blogs where the author was a self-styled “goo-roo” and I’m not going to pull that crap on you. Yes, I’m a damned good time management coach, but I still have my bad days.  I teach people how to have work-life balance but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed myself.  I’m human, I screw up (royally, at times), and I won’t give you the BS that I’m perfect.  I make mistakes like anyone else – but I have become very skilled with putting the breaks on and turning those mistakes around very quickly – and I’m going to teach you how to bounce back fast as well.

#4 – This Blog Can Make You Smarter And More Attractive

I ain’t kidding.  The articles you read here will make you stop and think about what you’re doing with your life, and about how you don’t want to settle for anything less than living one damned fine existence.  You’re going to learn how to stomp stress flat and get your life balanced.  You’ll learn how to start making your life what you want it to be, rather than running around like a hamster in a wheel, hoping the pace of life will let up for a while.  (Guess what – it won’t.  You’ll just learn how to handle it better.)  And then what happens?  You start getting smarter about the decisions you make in life, and as you drop stress and get more clarity on what you won’t settle for, you’ll become more confident about the direction of your life.  And confidence is attractive, baby.

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Money isn’t everything – and power over others isn’t success at all.  When it comes down to it, true wealth is power over your own life, control of your thoughts, actions and emotions, and the ability to take a nice long soak in life and love it.  That’s success.  Read this blog, try the strategies I lay out for you and you’ll be on your way to generating the kind of emotional wealth that comes with a fulfilling life that you live on your own terms (instead of the sheep-like path society pressures us to take).  If you take just one tip and use it, your whole life can begin moving in a better direction.

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