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Apr 29, 2009

Posts Worth Reading: Bloggers Who Kicked My Ass This Week

While I love to do the ass-kicking on this blog, it’s inevitable that more than a few people will swing their boots my way while I have my back turned.  While I shake my fist and get my bearings again, take a look at these bloggers who made me take notice this week.

Here’s The Good Stuff:

Enjoy these posts, and be sure to leave comments / Stumbles if they give you the same swift kick they gave me.

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9 Responses to “Posts Worth Reading: Bloggers Who Kicked My Ass This Week”

  • Apr 29, 2009 Mike Stankavich

    Dave, I agree with you 100% – those are great posts, and I’d like to add one more that really got my attention yesterday. Check out Merlin Mann’s post about priorities at Merlin is so right, scaled priorities are generally meaningless and suck your time into ranking and re-ranking things you aren’t working on right now and won’t work on in the near future.

    I’ve gotten myself down to three levels of priority – active, on deck and on hold. And I just went through yesterday and ripped the hell out of the on decks, blasting most of them back to on hold. Clarity of purpose and focus make such a difference in being effective, and get easier as you reduce the number of projects and tasks in your field of view.

  • Apr 29, 2009 Sean Platt

    The first link roundup ever where I’ve read every one on the list. YAY!!!

    Sean Platt’s last blog post..The story garden

  • Apr 29, 2009 Charlie

    Thanks for the link, Dave.

    The irony is that we can’t help ourselves the way we help others. So, if nothing else, we can keep each other in check. I know I’ve gotten my fair share of boots from you.

    Off to read Gretchen’s post!

    Charlie’s last blog post..Why Are You Trying to Save Time?

  • Apr 29, 2009 Positively Present

    Thanks for posting these links. Can’t wait to go check them out! :)

  • Apr 30, 2009 Sonia Simone

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Will go check out Gretchen’s. And Charlie’s been crushing it lately, hasn’t he?

    Sonia Simone’s last blog post..Objection Blaster #4: Why You?

  • May 1, 2009 Hossein

    Dear Dave,

    I read about you in Chris G’s “297 days to overnight success”.

    Well! I’m not an entrepreneur but I like to be one. I live in Iran and what I can really do and I partly love to do to afford my life is web design. No wonder why I do not still have a personal website because I get stuck so badly in initial design steps that more or less nothing can be done. Today I may like some style for myself and the other day some other thing comes to my mind. On the other hand as long as my English sucks and sanctions blockade my way to access new articles and study material and also prevent me of having an on-line economic policy, the way you guys chose does not suit me. But the core ideas and strategies you have is nevertheless a great help.

    Too much trash talk I guess! Well! My serious problem is I cannot stick to my own schedules. Neither work, study, and/or writing ones nor even religious ones – like to say prayers in time- and I do waste a lot of time blaming myself or I trap into some downward spiral now and then. A friend associated it with lack of faith which is not far from truth.

    What do you suggest? I mean OK! You are a busy guy and you are may be a super-busy tech savvy, a well-known blogger, a hot boyfriend or something but may be you can listen to the angle on your right shoulder and teach me things that I lack. I cannot wait for other guys here to kick my ass Dave because I already got this external hemorrhoid aching!

    Dear Dave you cannot even guess how much I appreciate any single word which helps me to learn how to learn. Already guessed it? Voila! I teach it to the others!

    “Why don’t you E-mail that god damned thing?” Dave said, “This is NOT a comment of any kind and this is the first lesson you gotta learn!”.

    Let me deny that Roman proverb Dave. The one which says: “De Omnibus Dubitandum!”


    Hossein. S. Ramati

  • May 1, 2009 Hossein

    Err* May you correct it Dave? Please change angle with angel! See what I mean?

  • May 1, 2009 Hossein

    Dear Dave,

    I subscribed to your time managing thing newsletter and began right away to apply the first tip! I feel great! How about you?

    I’m on my way to defeat my Caligula inside!



  • May 4, 2009 Jacky

    Great posts. I read them all and enjoyed all of them. Great picks for your post! Thank you.

    Jacky’s last blog post..My Review of Demand Studios

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