The "Rockin' Interviews" Chronicles

  • Interview with Pamela Slim (Escape From Cubicle Nation)

    Jul 17, 2009


    It’s been too long since an interview, and the lovely and talented Pamela Slim has graciously given us some time during her book tour for Escape from Cubicle Nation.  If you don’t know her yet, …

  • Interview with International Man of Mystery Lodewijk van den Broek

    May 21, 2008


    Lodewijk van den Broek is one smooth fella – I’m talking Lando Calrissian smooth.  Why so?  Because he sent me his interview answers already formatted in HTML.  I love it when people save me work.  If …

  • Interview With Blog Consultant Michael Martine

    Feb 24, 2008


    Michael Martine is a leading blog consultant and coach who offers his services and blogs about business blogging over at He has been involved in web design since the mid 90s and blogging since 2000.

    Dave: Michael, why do you love what you do?

    Michael: The web is the most personally empowering and sweeping change we’ve ever seen in our lives. I am thrilled by it and passionate about it. In the face of all criticism to the contrary, it has brought us closer together and expanded our opportunities to earn a good living or do amazing things that have a real impact on the world. To earn a living by helping others make this happen for themselves is nothing short of life-changing for me. I love being a part of it and helping others enable and empower themselves through the web.

    Dave: What is one of the major turning points / “A-ha moments” that paved the way towards greater success for you?

  • Interview With Harrison McLeod – “The Pen Is Mightier!”

    Feb 12, 2008


    (500 Internet Points for whoever caught the Sean Connery reference in the title.)

    A few weeks ago I put in interview requests with James Chartrand and Harry McLeod of Web Content Writer Tips and they were kind enough to clue me in to some of their advice for business …

  • Interview With Web Writer James Chartrand

    Jan 23, 2008


    As the temperature this week in not-so-sunny Raleigh, North Carolina has been somewhere in the range of “negative DAMN!,” I decided to venture up north to Canada where it was warmer. And by venture north, I mean I sent an email. And James Chartrand of Web Content Writer Tips replied. I’m glad he did, because before I could thank him for his reply, he went and got on the front page of Copyblogger. Now he’s too busy to answer my emails (and by too busy, I mean he still answers them just fine). Snarkyness aside, here’s the details of the drive-by interview …

  • Interview With Self Made Chick Christine O’Kelly

    Jan 14, 2008


    Christine O’Kelly, successful copywriter and blogger at Self Made Chick and Create Business Growth has stopped on by the Million Dollar Leverage virtual office and shared some of her tips for making more money in less time. Get ready to take some notes on the strategies that have made her six figures on a shoestring and put her real-world experience to work for you.

  • Interview With Our Favorite Snarky Marketer, Naomi Dunford

    Jan 7, 2008


    Building a successful business isn’t for the faint of heart, and it isn’t easy. But there are a lot of things you can do to make it easier, and one of those is to open your ears to people who can tell you not just what to do, but what they did to make their business grow. Today’s guest on Million Dollar Leverage is Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz, who consistently pulls no punches when it comes to talking about entrepreneurship and marketing (and who recently hit the Digg front page with her snarky advice on both).