About Dave Navarro

Who Is Dave Navarro?

There’s a famous guitarist named Dave Navarro.  I’m not him.

I’m a different kind of rockstar, the kind who sweats behind the scenes rather than on stage, kicking successful people’s asses so that they become even more successful.  I’m a personal productivity coach who gets deep into the minds of people who have everything going for them but are hitting some speedbumps and roadblocks – and I pull no punches until they break past the limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

I help entrepreneurs get “unstuck.”  I push people past what they think they are capable of.  I find solutions to their problems that they had never even considered, and I get them to think bigger, work smarter and believe in themselves more.  I take their psychological baggage and help make sure it gets lost at the airport.  I kick their asses, and then I teach them to start kicking their own so I can move on to the next rockstar-to-be.

I’m not saying this to impress you, because I’m not looking for new coaching clients.  My dance card’s full.  I’m saying it because if you don’t have someone who kicks your ass on a regular basis, doesn’t put up with your excuses and demands that you rock out with all the potential that you have inside … well, you better find one fast.  We all need people like that.

Hell, I call on a whole team of people to kick my ass every week, lest I start screwing up.

What You’re Really Here For

You clicked this link to find out about me.  You need to think about yourself instead.  About what you want out of life.  About what you’re no longer willing to settle for.  About what you’re going to pour yourself into changing.

About how you’re going to rock your day, every day, from the moment you get up until your head hits the pillow and you fall asleep satisfied with a day well lived.

The first step is subscribing to this blog.  The second step is picking posts that speak to you and then commenting on them so you can get in with a group of people who want to rock their day too.  You rise to the expectations of your peer group, so make sure you’re hanging out with winners, all the time.

So that’s all you need to know about me.  I rock my day, every day, and I teach others how to rock their day, too.

If you’re ready to demand more out of life, quit settling for excuses and make each day as satisfying as it can be, join us here at rockyourday.com.

You’ll thank yourself for it.

Keep rocking -