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  • Why I’m Renewing My Subscription To Teaching Sells Without Thinking Twice

    I’ve hesitated to write a review of Brian and Tony Clark’s Teaching Sells for the last three months because I wanted to see if it would pass the most important test of all for me: Would I actually renew my subscription?

    The answer is, emphatically, Hell yes.

    Of course, you have to understand I’m a little biased when it comes to this recommendation. You see, I’ve been following Brian Clark’s blog, Copyblogger, from it’s early days (less than 600 subscribers) to now (30,000 subscribers). More importantly, I’ve been following his directions on how to write persuasive copy, and it’s paid off in spades:

    I’ve landed on the frontpage 4 times
    I’ve learned how to make posts that people love to comment on
    My sales copy has improved (and so have my sales)

  • Interview With Web Writer James Chartrand

    As the temperature this week in not-so-sunny Raleigh, North Carolina has been somewhere in the range of “negative DAMN!,” I decided to venture up north to Canada where it was warmer. And by venture north, I mean I sent an email. And James Chartrand of Web Content Writer Tips replied. I’m glad he did, because before I could thank him for his reply, he went and got on the front page of Copyblogger. Now he’s too busy to answer my emails (and by too busy, I mean he still answers them just fine). Snarkyness aside, here’s the details of the drive-by interview …

  • The Easiest Way To Become An Early Riser (And Love The Process)

    If you’ve ever felt that there weren’t enough hours in the day, I’m with you. When I started my business it was the same way. Late nights and the constant, relentless grind were wearing me down. But as I studied people who were really building big businesses without burning themselves out in a blaze of glory, I saw a pattern for their success: they woke up early, and (as the saying goes) got more done by 9am than most people did all day.

  • Confidence: The Networking Strategy That Works Every Time

    If you want to make people hungry to network with you, then you need to radiate professional-strength confidence right from your first impression. But confidence isn’t always easy to summon up, especially when you’re trying to network with those higher up on the food chain. So you want to make sure you use these 3 tips to banish those butterflies and approach those higher ups with a$$-kicking confidence. Pull up a chair; class is in session.

  • Interview With Self Made Chick Christine O’Kelly

    Christine O’Kelly, successful copywriter and blogger at Self Made Chick and Create Business Growth has stopped on by the Million Dollar Leverage virtual office and shared some of her tips for making more money in less time. Get ready to take some notes on the strategies that have made her six figures on a shoestring and put her real-world experience to work for you.

  • How To Build A Huge Network Without Traveling Anywhere

    One of the questions I get asked the most when it comes to networking is how I get to know so many people so quickly. I can tell you the primary reason: I don’t travel to anywhere to do my networking anymore. I do it all online, and …

  • How To Start Building Your Networking Plan

    Think of the person you most want to network with – you know, your dream contact, the top of your list. What are the odds that you’re just going to get a phone call from him/her out of the blue? I’ll tell you what the odds are – zero. As in not going to happen, not by itself. If you want to get on a first name basis with those A-Listers you have your eye on, you have to have a networking plan that you can take specific action on week after week. Here’s how to do it.

  • 5 Must-Have Skills For Million Dollar Networkers

    Are you short-changing your business by doing half-assed networking?

    Networking Giant Bob Burg once said that those who master networking “do the little things right, consistently.” Imagine someone describing you as a “networking giant,” because you’re doing the little things right, too. It’s time to make certain that you’re using the skills that will move you upward, so read on; class is in session.

  • Become A Master Networker By Changing These 3 Beliefs

    If you thnk that networking requires natural talent, tons of time and a grueling travel schedule, you’re missing out on a gold mine of opportunities to grow your business rapidly and shave years off of the time it takes you to achieve your financial goals. Let’s take a quick look at 3 core beliefs you may have that are costing you money every single day.

  • How To Make Your Goals Easier To Achieve This Year

    Most people face a new year realizing they only achieved a small fraction of the goals they had planned to knock out the year before. If you’re not one of them and you’ve hit 100% of your goals for last year, you should skip this article and read something else. If you can relate to “Oh crap, I didn’t get it all done,” then read on before this year makes you a repeat offender.