The "May, 2007" Archives

  • Surround Yourself With The Right People

    Problem: “I know I have potential, I’m not as insanely successful as I want to be.” – You

    Solution: “I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.” – Henry Ford

    I think it’s safe to say that Henry Ford had more than a mild degree of success. …

  • How Bad Do You Want It?

    If you’re suffering from I-Just-Haven’t-Gotten-Around-To-Taking-Action-itis, and your business is stagnant, then you need to ask yourself a question:
    How bad do you want it?
    No, better yet:
    How bad do you really want it?
    If you’re really serious, there’s only one answer:
    I want it so bad, I’ll make it happen, no matter what.
    Trading …

  • Email Hack: Make Your Email Motivate You

    Short post today, but useful if you put it into practice.
    It’s pretty likely your inbox/folders/(labels?) are hiding some pretty great emails in there …

    Emails where people have gushed about how you’ve helped them/the great job you did/how much they value you
    Emails telling a story that really inspires you or motivates …